Contacting me:

The best way to contact me is through the website or via my Facebook author page at


There is a contact me button on this page.

You can also contact me via Chandler’s Ford Today by commenting on my posts there.  My page is http://chandlersfordtoday.co.uk/author/allison-symes/


My current list of publication credits include:-

Chandler’s Ford Today – have put in link to my list of articles.

From Light to Dark and Back Again – my first volume of flash fiction stories published by Chapeltown Books.

To Be…To Become an ebook anthlogy published by Bridge House Publishing in 2018.  This book has the 16 winning entries to the Waterloo Arts Festival’s first writing competition and I was very pleased to be amongst these.

Bridge House Publishing – Alternative Renditions. Later this year I will be in their Baubles anthology.

Cafelit – The Best of Cafelit 4.  Will also have a flash fiction piece appearing later this year in The Best of Cafelit 5.

Stories in Green Ink edited by Anna Trowbridge.  I was invited to submit work based on work I have online at Scriggler.com.

Limerick Nation – Iron Press (who are Arts Council supported).

The Shamblelurklers Return – a charity project organized and edited by Marit Meredith.

The Chandler’s Ford Today link is the best example of my non-fiction work.